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Time permitting, we will be issuing a newsletter to our clientele every quarter – filled with useful and practical information relating to mental health. Learn tips and tricks for maintaining positivity, details of upcoming events and programmes, and so much more…

Latest Newsletter

Spring 2019

  • Services update
  • Information piece on Strengthening Relationships by Monique Armstrong-Burgin

A selection from the archives

Winter 2019

  • Information piece on Insomnia by Dr Zdenka Bartova

Autumn 2019

  • Healthfocus is on Facebook!
  • Information piece on Self-Care by Dr Yong Lee

Summer 2019

  • Happy New Year!
  • EAP Services
  • GP Mental Health Care Plans, Medicare Rebates and the new calendar year
  • Emotions and our Defences by Dr Yeow Tan

Winter 2018

  • Relationship counselling services (couples, families)
  • Assertiveness information piece by Dr Zdenka Bartova

Autumn 2018

  • Happy Birthday Riverton!
  • De-cluttering

Summer 2018

  • Happy New Year!
  • Retirement Planning

Spring 2017

  • Employee Assistance Programmes – Healthfocus Early Intervention
  • What does it mean to cry?

Winter 2017

  • Procrastination: Beat it!

Summer 2017

  • Motivation, Action and Goals

Spring 2016

  • About Overthinking and Rumination

Autumn 2016

  • Resilience in Children

Summer 2016

Spring 2015

  • Anger in children

Winter 2015

  • About OCD

Summer 2015

  • What makes relationships work?
  • Tips for helping kids problem solve

Spring 2014

  • Self Esteem in Children
  • What does trauma really mean?
  • Behavioural approach to Anxiety

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Autumn 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter with a quick update on our COVID-19 response… PDF

COVID-19 Response

Both Healthfocus locations are continuing to operate as normally as possible. The COVID-19 situation is continuing to change quickly. Federal and State Governments are refining economic and public health measures....

COVID-19 update

Both Healthfocus locations are operating as normal, with the following precautions being applied in line with Department of Health directives- see If clients or staff are recently returned from...

Summer 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Newsletter, including announcements of new team members, Riverton opening on Thursdays, and an information piece on Multiculturalism and Race in the Therapy Room by Dr Yeow Tan… PDF